Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 7 of cardinal hunt | Vultures must have eaten them all

A turkey vulture soars over Parkway Drive in Melbourne, where a raccoon had died along the road.

On the final excursion in my weeklong cardinal hunt - another steaming hot day - I saw one cardinal for one second. I snapped one shot, and it was one horrible shot at that - dark, blurry and totally unacceptable.

Nearby, a dozen turkey vultures were swarming around a dead raccoon, the victim of a no-doubt horrific encounter with a motor vehicle. I took a quick few photos, then booked it backed to my air-conditioned apartment.

Because I'm not satisfied with any of the cardinal shots I have gotten, the hunt will go on - just not with a daily frequency. I have a little time left before my former co-worker, who will be the recipient of this photo, leaves for her former stomping grounds of North Florida. Keep logging on to see if I'm successful.

The trio.

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