Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cedar waxwings, robins rob Florida of its berries

A combined flock of migratory cedar waxwings and robins assaulted the berry tree in front of my apartment the other day. They've been going from tree to tree in Melbourne until each is plundered of its fruit. I've never seen something quite like this in my few years in Florida.

Waxwings perch on the tree.

The two bird species seemed to be courteous to each other while chowing down.

Within hours, all of these berries were gone.


Lourdes said...

Love the bird photos!

rhinefan said...

The waxwings cleared out my trees too! It was the first time (on April 9, 2010) in my eight years In Levy County that I have experienced anything like it. Within about 20min, all the berries on my two trees were completely gone.