Saturday, August 23, 2008

Video | In Maine: Photographing bald eagles catching lunch

I dropped the video camera for one still shot of the eagle.

I've finally completed a video I am somewhat proud of.

In this sequence, we explore a wildlife photographer - specifically, my father - and his mission to get a shot of a bald eagle swooping down to the lake's surface to grab a fish.

None of this was scripted: It was approached journalistically.

My only serious issues is that the footage was shot in standard definition, and when I export the video from Final Cut, the final product has lines across it, especially in any shot with a great deal of motion. From now on, I will always shoot in high definition.

Please, give me some feedback on this flick.


Wordnerdy said...

It's probably much better with sound, but my speakers aren't plugged in at home. The location reminds me a lot of the place in Ontario I visited a few years ago, on Devil Lake in Westport.

What was the thing floating in the water behind the boat? Each time I saw it, my first thought was "gator!" But then I remembered that's not a Southern lake.

By the way, I also watched the sunset video. Again, no sound, but it was quite relaxing. I especially liked all the loons entering and exiting the shot.

Andrew Knapp said...

No loons in the sunset one. Just geese and ducks.

No gators, either, of course.

Glad you found it relaxing.

Andrew Knapp said...

Oh, and yes, it's much better with sound.