Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photos | Seagulls, storm, shuttle scrub make for a ... crappy day at the beach

Seeking a different angle for a shuttle launch from what I have used before, I chose Jetty Park near Port Canaveral as my viewing site for Endeavour's liftoff Monday. During the wait, I watched this girl feed Cheetos - or some off-brand - to the seagulls. And apparently, some of the Cheetos went in one end and out the other ... right onto my head. Poopy.

Two launch attempts for STS-127 had already been scrubbed during the weekend because of weather. With the typical summertime weather pattern in Central Florida, things didn't look bright Monday. And sure enough, a thunderstorm moved over the city of Cape Canaveral a few hours before the scheduled liftoff time of 6:51 p.m. Just after shooting this, I scurried it for cover.

The storm was ominous, to say the least. Most everyone cleared off the beach.

A rainbow forms off the coast, as it continues to pour.

As the rainbow persisted, the conditions brightened significantly. But once again, the weather was not acceptable for NASA. The agency scrubbed Endeavour's launch a fifth time, delaying it until Wednesday, a day I coincidentally do not have off from work. My hopes of seeing the launch from a different angle were foiled.

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Joe said...

Those storms you get down there are amazingly photogenic.