Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The fog returns after nightfall

I have titled this "The Burning Bush," though it's the top of a tree with a floodlight shining through.

While daytime, seaborne fog is rare in Florida, nighttime, inland fog is not. But "normal" people, or those who work during the day, don't often encounter clouds on the ground. Having the great privilege of working nights, I have seen it many times since moving here more than two years ago.

To prove that, here's the scene early Wednesday morning as a bank of fog moved from the west toward the Brevard County coastline. It approached just as I wandered outside to cover my motorcycle, so my timing was perfect: I protected my Harley from the elements and was able to snap some cool shots as well.

This is just outside my apartment in Melbourne early Wednesday morning.


pccoder said...

Hey, this is a really cool picture.

Andrew Knapp said...

Thanks, pccoder. It was an unexpected treat in the late-night hours.