Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photos | Free chicken for a year? When cows fly!

Chick-Fil-A has caused a stir in Brevard County this week with special promotions for its opening of a location in Viera, just north of Melbourne. Its first 100 customers Thursday received coupons for free meals for a year. And on Saturday, a helicopter dropped 200 stuffed cows, in spurts of about 50 each, onto hundreds of mostly children and their parents waiting in a parking lot. One of the 200 was the sacred cow, of sorts, that also was the ticket to free chicken and waffle fries once a week for 52 weeks. Above, the first division of bovine paratroopers transit the sun on the way to the ground - or in some cases, the trees or the top of the hotel next to the restaurant. A lone hand reaches desperately.

Two Chick-Fil-A fans spot the chopper as it arrives on the scene Saturday afternoon. It circled twice before a man in the co-pilot's chair started shoving the cows out the door.

I ran into a co-worker, Mike, who is holding his son as he points out the daredevil maneuvers in the sky. The drop was around the time of day, about 4 p.m., when the clouds start pushing in. On Saturday, there was a clear contrast of white and blue.

In his final drop, the man shoving the cows to certain hard landings finally judged the wind correctly. Most of these stuffed animals made it to the ground instead of the top of the Holiday Inn. At right, someone stands on a covered entrance to the hotel.

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Rockledge said...

wow, that top one with the sun and the hand is amazing.