Thursday, May 14, 2009

The moon rises as I drive home to set

The moon also rises, with a little glow effect. The camera's ISO setting was 800.

Tonight's moonrise through low-level cloud cover was sort of interesting. Like a co-worker who also photographed the moon very early Thursday morning said, this is a benefit of the late shift. Not many people are commuting home at midnight during such a spectacle.

Unfortunately, there aren't many more advantages of working late. I woke up incredibly early Wednesday morning to attempt to buy a ticket to watch the June 13 launch of shuttle Endeavour at Kennedy Space Center. The ticket was in my online shopping cart. I typed in my credit card information, but when I finalized the order, the tickets had been sold out.

So, I subjected myself to a day running on little sleep for pretty much nothing. The consolation prize at the end of the day was the moon.

I'd rather have the sun.

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