Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maine's autumn, Day 7 | A deer, a rainbow and a ruby in a pot of gold

On the last full day of my Maine vacation, a Sunday, my family and I stayed close to home, but that didn't prevent us from seeing some sights. In a neighbor's backyard in Princeton, we spotted this doe lazily browsing through the grass. As a child, I'd see deer once in a while along the half-mile dirt road that leads to my parents' house, but they'd seem to always disappear for hunting season in November. This time, though, I finally got a chance to shoot one.

A rain shower moves over Lewy Lake, a small body of water near "downtown" Princeton and adjacent to Grand Falls Flowage, along which I lived as a child. Because the sun was shining brightly, I thought the chances of a rainbow were decent.

Sure enough, a rainbow with a faint secondary arc formed behind my parents' house along the flowage. Previously, in the Day 6 post, you saw the view in front of the house. But because I lived on the end of a peninsula, the location afforded us views on three sides.

The rainbow got shorter as the dark clouds behind it moved farther to the south. But what little was left became even more brilliant.

After days of overcast skies, the storm moves away, and the atmosphere finally clears. Ironically, though, it was late in the day, and, of course, it was also my last day in Maine.

As mentioned in the headline, that ruby in a pot of gold after the rainbow was just a scene I noticed when I looked upward at the blue sky. In a stand of maple trees, all the leaves were a bright yellow, except for this red one. This happens to be one of my favorite shots from the entire vacation. It's amazing how sunlight makes such scenes so much prettier.

As the sky continued to clear, the sun faded.

This layered image combines two 30-minute exposures of star trails and the Milky Way.

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