Sunday, May 31, 2009

More clouds and a new, wider format for The Offlede

shelf cloud_0001A storm moves over the Baymeadows subdivision in Melbourne sometime in the mid-afternoon of July 28, 2008. Of course, this was taken with my old camera, a Nikon D40.

Browsing some old photos last night, I came across some images of clouds that I shot last year. This one shows a storm front above my rental house (right) on July 28, as a strong thunderstorm moved through the area. I took a few similar shots, but had never shared them on The Offlede. In fact, I totally forgot about them.

And I used this photo to help usher in a slightly wider format for this blog. Most computers are equipped with high-resolution screens, which permits the viewing of such large images. The precursor of this format, of course, is The Boston Globe's The Big Picture, which contains collections of images on focused topics. My recent favorite is a post about shuttle Atlantis' maintenance mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. The large size of the photos lend them a considerable amount of inspirational gravity.

If you don't like the new format, tell me. I usually listen. I listened when I changed The Offlede's slogan: "Striving to be the second best" has returned after a brief hiatus.


Mark said...

i like the new format

Andrew Knapp said...

It's all about you, Mark. Nibbler is a permanent fixture now, and your house is included in this first post with the new format.