Thursday, May 21, 2009

Night 2 of the Space Coast lightning-love fest

In a photo taken along the Indian River in Palm Shores, a cloud appears to be an alien spacecraft attacking Earth.

This is looking toward the Pineda Causeway.

My newfound love of the storm system that has plagued Brevard County this week is undying. More lightning Wednesday night perpetuated the photo-taking affair.

Like I said yesterday, there was only a short lull late Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon that was devoid of lightning. Since nature's electricity started filling the atmosphere Tuesday night, there was a flashing going on somewhere in the sky.

But the frequency and intensity picked up again last night. The cats and dogs had stopped pounding the roof. Only a light sprinkling kissed the air, so I headed out - first to areas around my apartment, then again to the shores of the Indian River in Palm Shores.

The park where I often spend quality time making love to the lightning with my camera is closed after sunset. That didn't put a damper on the outing, though. I took my equipment to the shoreline of the river, feet from the water. My tripods' nine legs got caked with sand. In the future, I'll make sure they're wearing some kind of shoe before plopping them down.

Wind and thunder joined the action. Fortunately, my new Manfrotto tripod is rated for a 20-pound camera. At about 5 pounds, my Nikon and its lens stand firmly atop their base without getting shaken by the wind.

Waves lapped at my feet. A fish wiggled its way over the sand, certain to die of suffocation - with a great view of the lightning, though. A raccoon scurried away once it noticed me. And lightning, the object of my affection, spread over the sky and shot downward near the barrier island across the river.

Eventually, rained chased me off. But I love this. Lightning is something I will never get tired of.

A bolt in the clouds.

This is looking east toward Satellite Beach and is taken from the Indian River shoreline at Palm Shores Park. The park is closed at night, but that didn't stop me.

Before driving to the river, I took a few shots around my apartment. This is in the parking lot of a Catholic church and is facing a new, almost-completed senior center in the middle of Wickham Park in north Melbourne.

Off to the left is the tennis court at my apartment complex. Lightning is striking over in the vicinity of Wickham Park, which is just north of my place.

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