Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Florida Keys Day 2, Part 4 | Sky color almost matches the grass

Two storms - this one from the south and one from the north (see last three images) - met over Alligator Alley on Friday afternoon. The brilliant greens of the vegetation along Interstate 75 near the eastern edge of Big Cypress National Preserve nicely complemented the aquamarine of the stormy skies.

I stopped at this rest area after fleeing the previous one just a few miles to the west, where I shot the lightning earlier and where it had started to rain.

To the east of the greenish clouds, this gust front formed over an expanse of swamp.

Another shot of the gust front and an empty parking area.

I took this shot on a truck route through the rest stop just before a truck driver came barreling through, honking his horn for no apparent reason: I definitely had gotten out of the way before he neared me.

It's not often that I see this kind of color with storms. The ground is often dark and boring, and the clouds are usually just a dark gray.

The storm approaching from the north didn't have as much color (though there is a little green at the top of this image), but it did contain some interesting scuds, or low-hanging, ragged clouds.

As the rain approached, I noticed a large bright area in the otherwise dark clouds.

I thought some of these scuds were going to hit the tops of the palm trees. After this, it started to pour, so I had bolt for my car.

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