Friday, September 11, 2009

Florida Keys Day 2, Part 7 | Nature's, man's fireworks cap off Day 2

Finally in the Florida Keys and stuffed with a dinner of fried seafood Friday night, I checked into a resort motel next to the Atlantic Ocean in Islamorada. I was expecting a quiet night of relaxation. But when I went to the resort's oceanside pool, the horizon was lighting up with thunderstorms. Well out of the way of their precipitation, I started shooting the storms with a slightly zoomed-in lens.

The tall, narrow structure of the storm cloud to the right, emitting the lightning, amazed me.

A few bolts escaped and streaked horizontally across the sky. But already you can notice the tall cloud starting to break apart. The storm would be short-lived.

The beautiful 360-degree views of the horizon on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico from the Florida Keys afford many chances to shoot storms with clear sky in the photo, too.

The edge of the anvil cloud neared the shore and began to obstruct the moonlight.

After the lightning had died down, it was as though the photo gods knew I would get bored without any of nature's fireworks to photograph. So, man started to provide its own. From behind the Whale Harbor restaurant in Islamorada, I saw rockets shooting skyward. With a slight inward bend of the coastline between the resort and the restaurant, I was looking over the water at the fireworks. I zoomed in for a few shots.

I wasn't expecting to get another chance to photograph fireworks until next Fourth of July.

The restaurant came complete with its own fake lighthouse. U.S. 1, or the Overseas Highway, is off to the right, with car taillights visible.

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