Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3 of cardinal hunt | Just her, and the snake that ate him

A female cardinal perches on a low bush over a flooded ditch along Parkway Drive in Melbourne.

It is difficult to make a photo excursion every day, as I pledged to do earlier this week. I'm attempting to get a better shot of a cardinal - a male, to be exact, as they are the prettier of the sexes when it comes to most birds.

I only saw one cardinal on my short walk Wednesday afternoon, and it was a female. As for the male, maybe he has been the unfortunate victim of the vicious Florida food chain. ...

Nah. This snake, a black racer, doesn't look hungry enough to eat a bird.

I also saw a red admiral butterfly.


Mark said...

One day, while mowing the bacl yard of the old house a snake identical to the one you photographed lunged up at me...needless to say. I finished mowing the lawn at a later time. I think it's a black racer.

Mark said... grammer/ typing skills were horrible in that last comment.

Andrew Knapp said...

I remember that, Mark. And it does look like a black racer. At least they aren't venomous, but it would probably still sting if one nipped you.