Monday, May 18, 2009

Here comes the rain: Flood devastates new Nikon, Nikes

Looking north along the Indian River, toward the Pineda Causeway and Patrick Air Force Base, just as the rain started.

Dark clouds looking east, toward Satellite Beach, before the rain began.


Again from one of my favorite weather-viewing spots along the Indian River in Palm Shores, I watched as a storm front moved along the Space Coast, drenching the region with much-needed rain.

The deluge also drenched me and my camera.

My Nikon was protected by a rain sleeve, a glorified plastic bag with a drawstring. The clear plastic guards the guts of my camera, but the lens, poking out the end, can get exposed.

The clouds were dramatic, the lightning was frequent, and the rain forced drivers to pull to the side of U.S. 1 to wait out the worst of it. Some of them joined me in the parking lot of the small roadside park in Palm Shores.

The rain was so heavy that I couldn't make out any of the lightning bolts, which were close. That doesn't make for good photos.

When I got back to my apartment (photo at top right), the parking lot was covered with 6 inches of floodwater.

Without much of a choice, I stepped outside my car, soaking my new Nikes, which I recently purchased for the sake of my other hobby: running. I ran today, in the rain, using my old New Balance shoes, which are worn and uncomfortable.

Ironically, most of the sprinklers on the grounds of my apartment complex were running. I think, however, that was because the maintenance team thought the rainfall made Monday afternoon a good time to work on them.

The ditches are now filling up, though. And after 2008, when Brevard County lost dozens of homes to wildfires during the spring, the rain is a good thing.

Rain collects on my windshield.

And of course, even during a torrential downpour, there's always a need to water the pavement with sprinklers.

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