Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photos | Sunset in Melbourne beats all in the Florida Keys

I was headed down to the Walmart on Wednesday evening, the last day of my vacation, when the clouds caught my eye. They were, in a word, huge. Obviously, some evening rain clouds were building. And with the sun setting in 30 minutes, I thought they would make for a good chance of a pretty sunset. That's why I drove to Lake Washington, which I now affectionately call Lake W. This first shot was taken with my wide-angle lens, about 8 inches from the palm tree. I used the camera's pathetic little external flash to light the trunk and let the sun do the work behind it. I'm surprised it turned out OK.

While the large clouds in the distance filtered the rays of sun, darker ones were moving overhead. I snapped a few shots of this fisherman. Other than the tree shot, all these photos were taken with the aid of a tripod.

The sky just above the horizon got rather red as the sun started to disappear.

The sun peeks from behind the clouds for one final time Wednesday.

Dark clouds moved in soon after the sun set, and it rained only slightly, which my camera liked. I will get back to the Florida Keys posts soon, but this sunset definitely beat most of what I saw in the Keys, a place known for spectacular ones. The final one in Key Largo was a pretty good competitor, though. That'll come later.