Monday, February 25, 2013

With an iPhone, capturing a rainbow over the Ravenel Bridge

On Sept. 7, I embarked on my usual jog as a storm moved off to the east, giving way to sunshine and a rainbow. This image is made of five separate iPhone photos.
The north side of the rainbow was faint but still nice with a backdrop of blue sky.
The south side had some darker clouds behind it, so you could almost see the pot of gold across Charleston Harbor.

It appears to be crashing into the USS Yorktown museum ship.
I've had worse scenery on my daily runs.
One final shot at the bridge's apex before I concentrated on running.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fog under the Ravenel Bridge

During a job one evening, a strange fog enveloped Charleston's East Side, a result of a warm day and chilly night. When I returned from my run, the fog took the form of a tube paralleling the Cooper River shore.
It was neat to see the Ravenel Bridge poking from the top of the fog, as well as the docks and shoreline underneath.

Taking a jog 150 feet above a basketball game

The brightly lit object in the right corner of this photo is the USS Yorktown, which hosted the Carrier Classic college basketball games back on Nov. 9.
I ran over the Ravenel Bridge as a Goodyear blimp circled overhead and the basketball players did their thing on the surface of the old aircraft carrier.
The sun had already set, but the sky was still a bit blue.
A view in the other direction, toward the fading sunlight. The men's basketball game, by the way, was later called off because of condensation that had formed on the court - a result of a warm day and cool night.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Storm in August behind an Asian buffet in North Charleston

On Aug. 2, I engaged in a brief cloud chase through beautiful North Charleston. Ironically, the best shot of lightning was taken with my iPhone, above. There's some horizontal distortion in this image, though.
The most open area I found to shoot from was an empty lot behind an Asian buffet restaurant on Ashley Phosphate Road. Here's a shot with the DSLR.

Some dark, low-hanging scuds that briefly resembled a wall cloud.

I went on with my usual after-work activities and went for a run over the Ravenel Bridge.

Boat parade on the Cooper River

I've got a lot of posting to catch up to. This was my first attempt at a photo for last year's Christmas card. It was a boat parade on the Cooper River. I watched it from the deck of the USS Yorktown, the aircraft carrier that's now a museum in Mount Pleasant.

Long story short, I've never really seen a light parade on the water that I've been impressed with. This attempt at a Christmas card photo was a bust.