Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Enough, already: This rain just isn't fun anymore

A shot of another building in my apartment complex, with the rain coming down hard Tuesday night.

A quite badly flooded part of the parking lot, seen in a timed exposure with a flash to highlight some of the raindrops, though it wasn't coming down that hard at this time. It was annoyingly windy, though.

More than 6 inches of rain has fallen on Melbourne in the past two days. Daily rainfall records for both Monday and Tuesday were shattered. Another 9 inches is expected this week.

And I'm sick of it.

With four consecutive days off in a row this week, I had planned to take some photos of birds, maybe even go to the beach to do some swimming in the ocean.

Instead, I have to wade through inches of floodwater each time I go to my car. I mean, this is just a regular rainstorm. Imagine if this were a tropical storm or a hurricane. Those maintenance people who were working on the sprinkler system yesterday should get cracking on the drainage system instead.

Mother Nature has done enough to knock down the fire threat. It's time for the Sunshine State to start living up to its name again.

A car drives by, splashing water toward my camera.

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