Thursday, April 10, 2008

What food is Denver known for? Mac 'n' chicken, apparently

Jim Thompsen of the Kitsap Sun in Washington state took about 30 American Copy Editors Society members to the Rock Bottom Brewery for a pre-conference dinner Wednesday night. I was looking for something different on the menu, and I found the mac 'n' chicken, pasta shells smothered in a few types of cheese and mixed with chunks of white and dark chicken meat. It was $11.99. Ham goes well with mac 'n' cheese, but chicken? It's weird. The dish wasn't even very cheesy, which was perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the meal. But the accompanying house salad with blue cheese dressing was good. It was cheesier than the mac 'n' cheese.

Feeling quite unsatisfied after devouring the mac 'n' cheese, I ordered a piece of carrot cake for a good-bang-for-your-buck price of $5.99. The monstrosity sat in a lake (well, Floridians would call it a lake) of caramel sauce. The brown goo was a strange complement to carrot cake, but the cake itself was great. ...

... It was so great and so large that I needed three forks to eat it. Well, half of it. I ate the other half for lunch the next day.


Tim Robertson said...

Three words (if you're still in Denver): Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Wordnerdy said...

Why do you want to deceive your readers like that? You only ate half the cake.

Andrew Knapp said...

It has been updated for the sake of truthiness.