Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ad revenues at The Offlede increase by 69.230769 percent



The Offlede should be a model for how online news sources can make money.

In the last quarter (last week), advertising revenue for increased by 69.230769 percent. (The Offlede does not believe in rounding.)

For months since its founding in December, The Offlede was stuck at 13 cents in ad sales. Last week, probably because of the increase and strategic placement of new pay-per-click ads on the site, that number jumped to 22 cents.

"The Offlede is bucking the trend of losing money through online advertising," said Offlede Kahuna Andrew C. Knapp. "We don't need a print product to make a living. Three more cents and we'll have enough money for a gum ball from the machine."

Knapp had no comment when pressed to discuss why the ad revenue was not enough to cover the $10.19 purchase price of

Phone messages seeking comment from advertising facilitator Google Adsense were not returned by blog time.

Offlede advertisers include,, and

"I've never heard of them, but who cares?" Knapp said. "Keep the pennies coming."

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