Thursday, April 10, 2008

Offlede visits real city, can't escape cheesy tropical 'plants'

Living in Florida makes me miss real cities with real culture. Orlando? Tourist town. Miami? Don't get me started. Melbourne? Some people call it Melboring. Denver, on the other hand, is loaded with cool restaurants, parks and the old prairie-style buildings that line many of the downtown streets. This city has real history. Before the American Copy Editors Society national conference began, I got a chance to walk around town Wednesday afternoon.

I would have given my stylebook to be at college hockey's Frozen Four during my junior year at the University of Maine, when my beloved Black Bears played Minnesota in the national championship game. Well, maybe I wouldn't have: They lost. Denver is the host this year. I noticed mostly just University of North Dakota fans clad in green shirts. But then I saw a University of New Hampshire fan, and I gave that guy a bad look. UNH is evil. Above, a banner features Paul Kariya, who played on Maine's first national championship team in 1993. The Black Bears' second title in 1999 was represented on a banner by Ben Guite.

I went to a funky little cafe near my hotel for lunch and had a "No Fad Thai" wrap, which contained chicken, lettuce, red cabbage, green onion, carrots, rice and peanut sauce. Quite moist and delicious. And at only $5.50, I saved my company some money.

Ah, die-hards. I used to be one during my childhood in Maine. I would play golf on the frozen lake in the winter. I would ride floating sheets of ice as they broke away in the spring. I didn't go running with my dogs wearing only shorts, though: I didn't have a dog.

The lower part of the downtown is expanding with condos. But unlike the growth in Florida, Denver's is being done with some taste. There's something about red brick that looks prettier than stucco. But why did the developer of the above complex feel the need to put a fake coconut tree on the top? It's 40 degrees, man. It's not going to grow. Maybe it's just the coconut part of a frozen pina colada.

The 13th step of the Colorado state Capitol is exactly one mile above sea level, according to the engraving below my feet. A cold rain was falling on me when this was taken, hence the constipated look.


Wordnerdy said...

You don't look constipated. Sheesh. Give your photog some freakin' credit.

Andrew Knapp said...

I couldn't think of a better word. I had been eating my fiber anyway, so it was entirely inaccurate.

chernandez said...

First, I'm so jealous of you for being at ACES. Next year, I'm totally going. I don't care where it is. Second, that wrap looked delicious.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I just spotted a spelling error. Amazing that it's still up.


Andrew Knapp said...

Give me a break. I didn't have much time to edit.