Friday, April 11, 2008

Not cool: Hot shower burns at Marriott in Denver


I'm not worried about libeling the above shower head. The best defense against libel is the truth. And this one is a real scorcher.

The stream of hot water it spits at me each morning at the Marriott Denver City Center is quite enjoyable, until things go south. About twice during each shower, I have been burned by a burst of extremely hot water. It comes without warning and lasts about a second, plenty of time to cook the Florida-thinned skin on my back.

I'm not in the Sunshine State anymore. I don't expect to be burned doing routine tasks. And at something like $200 a night, I expect to take a shower sans fear.

The shampoo is nice, though.

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Anonymous said...

Please bring back lots of free soap and shampoo from the hotel.