Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm from Florida; what's all this white stuff?

The Weather Channel was right. It snowed in Denver this morning. Co-worker Beth, who has been stuck in Florida her whole life, has never experienced snow to such a large scale: 1 inch. Of course, Maine got 200 inches this year, so the novelty of it wasn't there for me. Above, she shoots the flakes.

This is the view from my 12th-story window at the Marriott in downtown Denver. My only complaint about the hotel is that the shower has spurts of scalding water that burned my backed twice this morning.

Beth obviously has no experience in making snowmen. This poor guy had the proper three sections, but he wasn't quite proportional. I equate the snowman with a reporter (it had a big head). Beth was upset when someone knocked him down, too. My guess is that the little snowperson just melted like M&M's in your hand.


Wordnerdy said...

I have not been "stuck," thank you very much. Quite happy to live in the Sunshine State, unlike you ungrateful Mainer.

I'm still waiting on an apology, by the way. My snow man was just fine. And I don't think it melted because I looked at the original photo to check where he was ... and that patch of park barrier whatever was scraped dry of all snow. So there.

But the snow was wonderful. Thank you for the photos!

Anonymous said...

That is the smallest snowman I have seen.

Anonymous said...

No, that's a snowmouse.

Andrew Knapp said...

Snowmouse! Yes! That's a much better way to describe it without offending the cast of "Little People, Big World."