Friday, April 18, 2008

Sunshine State beats up Empire State for supremacy; New Yorkers in Florida must feel smart

Brooklyn, part of the (former?) Empire, offers culture, crime and Jay-Z.

Florida offers sunshine, palmettos and wannabe gangsters.

The Politico
seems to think Florida is overtaking New York as the most dominant state in our blessed Union. Go here for the article.

That milestone is most easily quantified by the leveling political forces of the Empire State and the Sunshine State. After the 2010 census, both will have 27 representatives in the House. The Politico fails to mention behemoths Texas (32) and California (53).

The story points to growth along the Interstate 4 corridor and to the sprawl of large, aesthetically sterile houses near Orlando. The Politico again fails to mention our inflated housing market because of those homes and the sketchy future of the space industry, which once made Brevard the nation's fastest-growing county.

But we shouldn't complain. New Yorkers have it real bad. Apparently, Upstate New York is a scourge of economic declination. Sadly, Kodak in Rochester is among its pot marks.

I've had the pleasure of living in both states. I'm not sure which I like the best. They have their similarities as far as development is concerned.

Three of the five sources quoted in this story are journalists. I'm skeptical of other media figures in stories such as this because they simply don't know as much as academics and other analysts in the particular states.

The story is shoddy but interesting. It's good news for the Grand Old Party. But as Florida continues to grow, it's difficult to envision the Republicans maintaining their grasp on state politics. Further development will make this place liberal.

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