Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Testing new macro lens on Florida's winter colors

This row of three mushrooms was between Melbourne's Turtle Mound Road and a white picket fence.

To test my new 105mm macro lens, I ventured out in my car Tuesday, finding subjects alongside Brevard County's roadways. But in shooting such brilliant colors, I've found that my Nikon tends to oversaturate some shots. I'll figure that out soon enough.

While shooting the mushrooms along Turtle Mound Road, a street lined by horse farms and large homes, the homeowner came out and took a few of his own shots. He asked if I knew what kind of mushrooms they were. I didn't. Then he said I could walk inside the fence and take some photos of his orchid.

A bee lands on a flower that's part of a display in front of a subdivision sign on Parkway Drive in Melbourne.

Rather tattered.

More flowers from the Parkway Drive location, no far from my home.

These were in front of a large home on Parkway Drive.

A poinsettia leaf.

These yellow ones were in front of a store on Lake Washington Road in Melbourne.

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