Thursday, December 10, 2009

20 photos of Christmas, Day 5 | Golden lights during the golden hour

I again took advantage of bokeh for the lights, with the camera's focus on the sunlit clouds in the background.

Note: Because I was raised in New England, Christmas is different in Florida, but it's still Christmas nonetheless. And I need to convince myself of that. So, in the next 20 days, including the holiday itself, I intend to find Christmas here in Brevard County and portray it through a different photo each day.

Today, it rained, so there will be no same-day Christmas photo because I didn't feel like getting wet or shooting inside. So this edition comes from a few days ago when Melbourne experienced a rather pretty sunset. I took this shot of icicle lights in the downtown area on Monday. But it's not my intention for all 20 photos to be of lights, so that will change soon.

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