Thursday, December 17, 2009

20 photos of Christmas, Day 12 | A tree and a fountain

This Christmas tree is held up by wires alongside Wickham Road in Viera. It's next to an annoying fountain that sends spray across the road, especially irksome when you're on a motorcycle and aren't expecting a random face full of water on a sunny day.

Note: Because I was raised in New England, Christmas is different in Florida, but it's still Christmas nonetheless. And I need to convince myself of that. So, in the next 20 days, including the holiday itself, I intend to find Christmas here in Brevard County and portray it through a different photo each day.

I guess I'm making the rounds to all the community Christmas trees in Brevard County. This is the one in eastern Viera, a sprawling "community" of houses, condos, apartments and retail shopping complexes.

Appropriately, the tree is fake.

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