Saturday, December 12, 2009

20 photos of Christmas, Day 7 | Future Santa Claus

A boy in full Christmas garb watches the Cocoa Beach Christmas parade from the curb.

Note: Because I was raised in New England, Christmas is different in Florida, but it's still Christmas nonetheless. And I need to convince myself of that. So, in the next 20 days, including the holiday itself, I intend to find Christmas here in Brevard County and portray it through a different photo each day.

Christmas was easier to come by today at the parade in Cocoa Beach. Trucks, motorcycles, cars and people rolled through the downtown spreading good cheer and lots and lots of candy.

I took so many photos that it was difficult to choose just one. So I chose two. This boy seemed to scream Christmas a little more than some of the others. A future post will share the rest.

I broke the one-photo-only requirement by posting this one.

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