Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smoke, a basketball hoop and my motorcycle

Smoke from a brush fire to the north fills the sky over Melbourne.

Winter is a rather drab time in Florida for people who enjoy extremes, like myself. The weather is usually tranquil, with clear skies and little rain, throughout the season.

The one phenomenon that has been known to cause excitement/destruction is fire. The dry season here tends to culminate in the early spring with brush fires, such as the ones in 2008 that burned more than 30 homes here in Brevard County. But it seems to be getting an early start, as the area has seen little precipitation recently.

On Monday, a small brush fire in Rockledge brought smoke to the skies over the Space Coast. At sunset, while riding my motorcycle, I stopped behind the Melbourne Police Department to take a few shots. An old roadside basketball hoop provided something a little different for the scene. And strangely enough, green beads were strewn across the pavement, shimmering in the light from the setting sun.

Discarded green beads glimmer as the sun drops behind the trees. By this point, most of the smoke had quickly drifted to the east.

A shadowy shot.

A ridiculous amount of lens flare encircles my Harley-Davidson.

I don't usually include shots of myself, but here it is. For this photo, I used my helmet instead of a tripod by mounting my camera atop it, setting the delayed timer, then jumping onto my Sportster.

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