Friday, December 25, 2009

20 photos of Christmas | The ones that didn't make the cut

A string of colorful icicle lights is featured in this long exposure in which I held open the shutter while pointing the camera at the lights and walking parallel to them. This image was made in Cocoa Village.

I've taken lots of Christmas-themed photos in the past 20 days leading up to the holiday itself. Now that Christmas is here, I'm dumping into one post the ones that didn't make the cut. There were several times when I couldn't decide which photo to use, and I eventually started simply posting several in one edition just to stop my agonizing.

The front of Bailey Jewelers in Cocoa Village is lit during twilight.

An inflatable Santa is lit by late-day sun in a Melbourne neighborhood.

Rain clouds provide a backdrop for an inflatable Santa set up in the lot of a used-car dealership near the intersection of NASA Boulevard and Wickham Road in Melbourne.

Santa Claus peers through a window of a shop in downtown Melbourne.

A nativity scene is set up in front of the Ice Cream Depot on Wickham Road in West Melbourne.

This is a horizontal version of a photo I did use, here.

A Christmas soldier is seen out of focus to accentuate the lens' bokeh.

Photography sometimes requires inventiveness when there's not much a shot to be had. That's the problem I was coping with when I saw a rainbow form but had difficulty spotting something that represented Christmas. The object was to get a Santa or a faux snowman with an arcing, Florida-typical rainbow in the background. Alas, I had no such luck as I was driving through West Melbourne during a light rain shower late in the day. The best I got was a stoplight with Christmas colors: red and green.

I stopped at a place selling Christmas trees, too, but the rainbow wasn't as prominent by that time.

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