Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maine's autumn, Day 8 | Clear sky, just in time for my flight home

Day 8 of my Maine vacation consisted of a trip to the airport, sadly. Along the way in Topsfield, about 15 minutes north of Princeton on U.S. 1, I stopped to shoot this old yellow Chevy, with the yellow trees and the golden morning sun in the background.

Of course, the day I left for Florida, the sky had cleared, offering better leaf-peeping conditions than any of the previous days I had spent in Maine. On the way to the airport, this time in Lincoln, I just wanted to show people that blue sky really does exist in the state.

Now in the air and headed back to the Sunshine State, I spotted a stream of ships steaming toward the New England coast.

From the Boston area, passengers on my Allegiant flight to Sanford, Fla., saw a bank of clouds covering only the curving land mass of Cape Cod. The morning seabreeze brings cool air off the ocean, and when that collides with the warming land, the air rises, and the moisture condenses into clouds.

The pilot warned us that as we flew south of New England, the weather would get a little more active. Here, the plane approaches thick cloud cover. Again, Cape Cod is in the distance. We experienced only slight turbulence.

Because of the clouds, I didn't pull out my camera again until the plane began its descent over Florida. That's when I spotted Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach.

Seconds from landing, the plane cast a shadow onto the pine and palm trees below. Not much for fall foliage here in Florida, is there?

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