Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video | Atlantis launch and movement of contrails

Click on the "HD" button in the right corner (so it's red) to watch in high definition.

Unfortunately, I couldn't man my video camera as I watched Atlantis lift off Monday from the press site at Kennedy Space Center. Still photography usually takes a priority for these events, only because I can leave the camera alone and let it work on its own. Apparently, I neglected to level the tripod, though, so there's a definite tilt in the video frame.

The above video, however, shows the launch of STS-129. After the shuttle was out of view of the camera's wide-angle setting and after most of the sound had subsided, I sped up the motion to show the progression of the contrails over the Turn Basin. Also, as the shuttle climbs, notice the shadow that is cast against the clouds in the far background.

A still image grabbed from the video.

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