Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the Archives | Atop Mount Katahdin, an unexpected rainbow

As you can see in this photo, which was taken with a wide-angle lens, there's little footing along Mount Katahdin's Knife Edge. Inexperienced climbers can successfully conquer the trail, but there are several points along the way where you have to use your hands to hang on for dear life.

ArchivesWhile I'm on the topic of Mount Katahdin, I thought I would share a photo I took during one of my first hikes on Maine's tallest peak.

I was probably still in elementary school when I first climbed over Knife Edge, a narrow, lengthy ledge that connects Pamola Peak and South Baxter Peak. According to park officials, 19 people have died trying to traverse the trail since 1963.

This photo was taken with my Pentax film camera during a church excursion to the top. It was a lovely day without rain, but apparently, moisture high in the air caused this rainbow to form against the dark backdrop of the evergreen trees thousands of feet below.

I happened upon this image while I was flipping through old prints. Fortunately, I saved my old negatives, too, so I could scan the photo and share it here.

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