Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life in 111 words: Barbecue is good, but really, what's so different from grilling?


friedokra002I’m gonna barbecue some dogs and burgers this weekend,” I said.

“You mean grill,” my co-worker from out West said. “Not barbecue. There’s a difference.”

“Yeah, whatever,” I said.

“There’s a difference.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

That was when I lived up There, up North. Now, I’m down Here, down South.

My new co-worker took me to Sonny’s Barbecue. She’s a native Floridian.

Ribs. Pork. Chicken. Beef.

Tender. Moist. Flaky. Sweet.

Corn bread, mac ‘n’ cheese, beans, okra on the side.

“It’s about how it’s cooked: slow and low,” she said. “That’s the secret. It’s not burned or tough. There’s nothin’ like it. Not even grilling.”

“Yeah,” I said. “There’s a BIG difference.”


Andrew Knapp said...

In my opinion, if you fry anything, it will taste good.

Oh, but then there's those Twinkies, right? Maybe not then.

Wordnerdy said...

Okra most certainly does not suck. Especially when it is fried. Kinappie's right ... regular potatoes, sweet potatoes (which I generally hate), okra, pickles ... all are delectable when battered and dropped in hot grease.

Barbecue trumps grilling any and every day. Lucky me, I get to try a new type of BBQ in about 10 days. And we get to try yet another style in about two weeks. As they say at Sonny's: Yummy!