Saturday, March 1, 2008

It would've been funny to see the Georgetown Hoyas beat the Nats

This child was given about nine balls, one for each inning, by a Nationals player who would roll one over the dugout roof toward him. He's a Red Sox fan, so that's a plus. He appeared in The Washington Post, FLORIDA TODAY and, more importantly, The Offlede.

The Washington Nationals played their first home spring training game against the Georgetown Hoyas, a college team. It would have been funny if the Nats had lost, but they didn't. The Hoyas got crushed 14-0.

The game was free, and I got another sunburn. Here are some photos:

The stadium wasn't very full. There definitely was plenty
of seats behind home plate, where I took this photo.

It was about 55 degrees for the game, so the reserve pitchers were bundled in their red sweatshirts out in the right-field dugout.

An outfielder runs in after a half inning.

Collision alert. The shortstop collided with the runner at second base.

Washington Post photographer Toni Sandys has been hanging around the practices and games throughout spring training. Here, she's shooting third base coach Tim Tollman.

I was pleasantly surprised by Space Coast Stadium. There are no bad seats, and the best ones are close to the action. It's a perfect minor league and spring training facility.

The Nats exercise after the game.

Their feet were the things exercised.

Nats manager Manny Acta talks with Georgetown folks after the game.

Acta poses for a photo with the losing Hoyas.

The Boys of Spring home


Wordnerdy said...

What'd I tell ya about sunscreen in the sunshine state?

Andrew Knapp said...

I know. I know. But I need a cowboy hat, too.

Andrew Knapp said...

Oh, and you actually told me about the sunscreen after this happened. I was just late in posting this. So I didn't ignore you.