Friday, March 7, 2008

If only Scratch & Dent commercials would suffer the same fate


For you Brevardians out there, this post makes sense. For everyone else, you won't understand, but here's an attempt at explaining.

Local television channels in Brevard County play an annoying commercial for Scratch & Dent World, an appliance superstore in Rockledge. The spots feature an annoying lady wearing an annoying knee brace and an annoying plaid dress who yells - annoyingly, mind you - "Scratch and Dent World on U.S. 1 in Rockledge" ... "Just 14 days" (when exclaiming the period of the sale). The knee brace must indicate an injury she suffered while filming the commercials on which she excitedly jumps around and screams such nonsense.

Oh, wait, I just found the Daytona version on YouTube. Just look at this. It will do better at explaining than I can.

If only the commercial would suffer the same fate as the store's sign, which was found in the gutter along Post Road in Melbourne. Its face was smudged and dirty. Its wire legs were stiff with rigor mortis.

Good riddance.

Update: A smart reporter at FLORIDA TODAY informed me that the real reason the woman wears the brace is for subliminal advertising. The woman's apparent injury is supposed to signify the damage that the appliances have suffered.

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