Monday, March 24, 2008

Life in 111 words: A hike along the Econlockhatchee River restores the kid in us

Cousin Danny

To be young again. That's cliche, right?

Today, it wasn’t.

I share many childhood memories with my cousin Danny. We fished. We played capture the flag. We hiked and biked.

Today, we trekked through the woods of Florida instead of Maine. We jumped off rocks we thought were mountains. We screamed when we heard rustling. We spit into the water and took pictures of it. We teased a snake with a stick.

Then, we were hungry. So we spoiled our supper with two scoops of ice cream. He had one of New York cheesecake, one of strawberry cheesecake. I had one of peanut butter, one of Oreo.

We were kids again.

Blogger's note: The above is a new feature on The Offlede meant to capsulize my life without useless words.

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