Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As crime worsens with recession, even heron turns gangster

Caught in the act underneath the Melbourne Causeway.

I snapped a photo of this big bird just after it tagged the concrete supports of the Melbourne Causeway, clearly marking its own turf. How do I know the heron did it? It's a great blue heron, and that urban artwork also is blue. There's no denying that.

The underside of this bridge attracts the worst riffraff, including the drunken fishermen who were there last night while I was taking photos - and myself, of course.

More words could describe the heron and its misdemeanors, but in a new strategy on The Offlede, I'll be posting fewer words and more photos. My writing has stagnated in the past few months, and the best way to improve it is to cease it - at least for a while, as I re-energize, read a few books and take photos with some new equipment that is en route.

I know you don't read all that I write anyway, so we both win. Right?

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