Thursday, April 30, 2009

New equipment compenstates for old camara's shortcomings

My new Nikon D90, ordered from Abe's of Maine, and new Sigma zoom lens from Amazon, pictured here with its lens hood and extended fully to 500mm.

Because I'm so scared of the things I take pictures of, I recently purchased a new Sigma 150-500mm lens to go with a newer, faster, better Nikon D90 camera. This way, I won't have to get so close to the things that could hurt me.

The lens was the largest supertelephoto that I could afford, and it will come in handy when shooting wildlife, space shuttles and rockets. My 18-200 is fully capable, but won't reach those faraway objects.

Low light has been the weakness of my introductory model Nikon D40. Being a copy editor, I take a lot of photos at night. The new D90 handles the lack of light fairly well, or so I've been told. The truth will be in the pudding.

But seriously: They better work because I'm broke now.

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Carrie said...

How about taking pics of 2-year-olds? They are scary for sure... I'd pay you take some shots of mine! And I would cook you a real dinner. Not a Saltine in sight.