Friday, April 24, 2009

Programming note | Offlede's new slogan reflects reality

capitol lightning_0322
An old shot from that lightning storm over the Capitol in Washington, D.C. This one didn't come out so well.

The Offlede's old slogan, "Striving to be the second best," never really made sense.

When I created it, I was trying to be funny and have it relate to the blog's main title in some way. But it didn't apply to my posts, so I decided to make a change.

"Offbeat blogging in a journalist's off time" is not sexy or funny, but it's genuine and still relates to the concept of an "offlede" in newspaper journalism.

As you've probably gathered, I do not follow the hordes in my trivial pursuits. That's part of living the life of a recluse and nocturnal copy editor. I tend to do things that other people don't and do them at strange times of the day. The accounts on The Offlede tend to be a direct result of my scatterbrained self.

My interests take me off the beaten path - both physically and psychologically. That will be reflected in the posts in the days to come - and now by the blog's slogan, too.

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