Monday, September 8, 2008

Video | A quick look at the glamorous Newseum

There will be many more photos with the upcoming post about the Newseum, the massive First Amendment on D.C.'s Pennsylvania Avenue.

I can't tell when I'll have the motivation to write something about my July visit to the Newseum, Washington, D.C.'s shiny tribute to the stuff people talk about. It's not a time issue, really. It's surely a laziness problem I've suffered since returning from my second vacation of the summer, which was in Maine.

The next vacation will be early next month. It will entail three days of sightseeing in San Francisco and two days of golfing and vineyard-hopping in Napa Valley. I'm going with a longtime friend and former roommate who is now an energy reporter at The Associated Press in New York City.

For now, I'll share this video of the museum, which I edited on the flight to Maine. It really has nothing to do with what I plan to write about, so there's no reason to save it for later. I also have photos, which will go with the main post.

Take note of the botched headlines that make up the tiles of the bathroom walls. It's at the end. I will touch on that in the post that's coming soon. I promise!

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