Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't hate me, Floridians: I still want a hurricane

This is the closest I could get to the large waves being kicked up by Tropical Storm Hanna. I was only up to my knees when I took this.

With Tropical Storm Hanna approaching and creating violent rip currents and surf, the Air Force has closed access to its beaches in Brevard County, which creates a dilemma for me. I have been addicted to going for a swim after taking an early afternoon run. But with the closest beach at Patrick Air Force Base closed, I won't be doing that today.

I did go yesterday, however, and I tried an experiment with the camera. It failed miserably, though.

I ventured into the water with the camera in hand. I didn't strap it to my neck; in case I fell in, I would be able to hold the camera above the water.

I waded in slowly, and the water was only halfway up my shins when a surge came in and I was suddenly up to my chest in sandy ocean water. I planted my feet as firmly as possible into the sand to fight the rip currents from pulling me and my camera down. Fortunately, I won that battle.

The waves are large, and I thought a close-up photo of a crest would be cool. But as I found out, it's also impossible without a waterproof camera.

The beating my camera takes with the salty mist at the beach is enough. I quit while I was ahead and while my camera was still dry.

I am, however, investing in some rain-proof sleeves for my camera. That way, I'll be able to take photos during the next hurricane.

Hanna will probably affect Brevard, the town in North Carolina, more than Brevard, the county in Florida. But there are two more storms on its trail.

It won't be cool if Hurricane Ike hits as a Category 4, but if weaker, it might be a fun time. Its track is uncertain: It could head toward South Florida or scurry up the East Coast like Hanna is doing. My fingers are crossed.

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