Monday, September 1, 2008

Hanna Hanna bo banna: Hurricane's waves are building

A lone surfer tries to catch one of the waves that are really being kicked up by Hurricane Hanna.

The tropics are really heating up now, as you can tell from the satellite image to the left.

Both Hanna and Ike seem to be on similar paths that would take them just off Florida's east coast.

We may get clipped by something here in Brevard County, but it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer to get my hurricane.

Meanwhile, people keep calling me crazy that I actually want to see one.


Wordnerdy said...

Wow, just about a year here and already you're a hurricane expert. Maybe you should apply for Bill Read's job.

Andrew Knapp said...

Ha. Not even close.

Andrew Knapp said...

I don't understand, though. What exactly did I say in that post that makes it sound like I'm an expert? Am I missing something? I said the waves were getting high, but any dolt could see that.