Friday, July 11, 2008

Video | My first regular-season Red Sox game

This is the first video I've done with the new camera, which I have yet to blog about. That will come soon, along with another video, probably of Nibbler the guard dog.

I shot more video than photos at the Red Sox game last week because, as I said, Tropicana Field is too dark for good images taken through a telephoto lens.

There's definitely much to be improved upon in this video.

The loud cheers by the crowd were often too loud, which creates that crackling sound you hear at times. I need to explore the capabilities of my microphone.

I'm still figuring out how to hold the camera steady, and, no, I didn't have room for a tripod at the game (but it would have been nice). Carrying around my Nikon digital SLR and my video camera (brand to be named later) has given me a newfound respect for "backpack" newspaper photographers these days.

I also seem to have forgotten the importance of details. They make for good B-roll. But then again, this video is pure B-roll.

And, of course, I wish I had my own video server instead of relying on Viddler and YouTube, both of which introduce graininess. This file is about 280 megabytes after compression and was shot in high definition. It looks great on my computer, but it's quite lacking on the Internet.

Anyway. Just watch it. Humor me, will ya?


cocoa said...

i like the video

Andrew Knapp said...

Cool. Thanks, Cocoa.