Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainbows are almost as fleeting as lightning

I went to save money and live better; instead, I got two rainbows.

I was headed out to the Wal-MartWalmart late this afternoon when I saw a pair of rainbows touching down in Wickham Park in Melbourne.

They weren't too vivid, but the sky was neat at the same time, so I took a few photos. The sun was setting behind me, and that was cool, too, but none of the shots came out the way I would have liked.

By the time I saw what would make for good foreground in front of the rainbows, they had faded too much. There was a cross on each end of the small Catholic church by the park, which made for good continuity: two crosses in the foreground, two rainbows in the background.

The colors may have faded, but at least I had the right idea.

By the time I made it to the side of the church to get a closer shot of the crosses and the rainbows, the colors were gone.

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