Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally, Hawaii! Offlede has been visited by all 50 states

I see you, Kamuela.


I've been waiting months for this. But finally, The Offlede has scored a visit from someone in Hawaii, the final state to be represented in the blog's Google Analytics report.

The visit comes from Kamuela, which is on the northern end of the Big Island. It was a direct visit, meaning the person either typed the URL into a browser or clicked on a link that I couldn't trace (I have no record of a referring link). And the visitor viewed three different pages on the site, including The Offlede Jobs page (more about that later).

Hi, Hawaii! Nice of you to join.

I have much planned for the immediate and distant future of The Offlede.

I had a frustrating and satisfying day yesterday in St. Petersburg.

It was frustrating because I was taking photos the entire day with two huge spots on my UV filter. Then, I stayed up late to take photos of lightning just to find out that the best shots I got - and they were pretty good - were out of focus (so I guess they weren't so good). It's difficult to focus in such low light, and I definitely failed at that task.

But the trip was satisfying because I enjoyed myself. And I needed that.

You'll learn more about it soon. And if I get the motivation, I'll even have a video to share.

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