Friday, July 4, 2008

Patriotic ode to overroasted coffee: 'Star-Buckled Banner'

This Starbucks is the first store to open in the new commercial development across from Wickham Park, which is near my home in Melbourne. The site of the complex was bare dirt when I moved here in the fall.

Starbucks opened a new location this week at the entrance of the subdivision I call home. Coincidentally, the company announced layoffs and store closings this week as people started flocking to this place. And of course, it's just in time for fans of overpriced and overroasted coffee to get their fill for the Fourth of July.

Here's a little adaptation of the oldie - but goodie - brewed specially to honor something that is truly American: Starbucks. It was inspired by the fluttering, flag-emblazoned balloon Starbucks used to decorate its "Now Open" sign. I call it the "Star-Buckled Banner."
Oh, say, can you see, yet another Starbucks, a beautiful sight?
What you closed 600 locations, but this store's new and gleaming?
Whose cold lattes and hot coffees, the workweek they help fight.
O'er YouTube videos we watch through free Wi-Fi Internet streaming.
Because the prices aren't fair, our wallets are bursting in air,
Gave proof through the recession that our economy was still there.
Oh, say, does that star-buckled banner yet wave,
O'er the lovers of caffeine and the beans that we crave.
I know it's bad. It's the best I could do in five minutes. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

I used song adaption in my headline- and cutline-writing today, too. That wasn't as bad.

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