Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pic of the Day:
Snoopy shoots down Red Baron over Melbourne

Snoopy 1 flies over the Indian River in Melbourne.

Just kidding about the headline, but this is another new feature called "Pic of the Day." I won't necessarily do this every day, but almost. I'll post a photo that doesn't necessarily have any news value, but is something I would like to show off. Nothing more.

For a debut, we have Snoopy. Snoopy 1 to be specific.

According to the MetLife Web site, he's on his way to Sunday's Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins game to see the Fins lose once again, finishing the season 1-15. I mean, if I were on that team, I'd want to lose ALL of the games. Losing all but one or two just makes you a really bad team. Losing every game makes you a historic team. Right?

Either way, the Dolphins are bad.

I took this photo through my car's windshield with my point-and-shoot Canon while driving to work Friday. The blimp was flying over the Indian River, along U.S. 1 in Melbourne.

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Wordnerdy said...

You sure do like beating up on the Dolphins. (It's OK. So do I!)

Snoopy really ought to spend more time in Jacksonville, home of a winning team. But The Jags will be in Houston this week, so I guess he's forgiven if he really wants to visit Fla la land.

Heck, the Bucs are more of a winning team than the Fins, and they're playing at home. Lucy must be in charge.