Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New York Times prints similar NOLA story

Published: December 26, 2007
Voters in St. Bernard, the parish just east of New Orleans, have ousted their longtime president in an act of frustration about how little their devastated community has recovered.

The New York Times took a page out of my book.

This article seems to have the same essential conflict I presented throughout the "Assignment NOLA" series: Louisianans are struggling to get on with their lives and to rebuild. It has a political slant, however, in that many St. Bernard residents attribute some of their anguish to parish President Junior Rodriguez.

But it was published Wednesday (I beat them, kind of, in my mind).

In addition, The Washington Post ran a year-in-review online multimedia feature, titled "After the Destruction," that includes several panoramas throughout New Orleans. It's a good before-and-after look that I can't quite offer.

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