Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pic of the Day:
Newspapers kicked down, pushed over the edge

A newspaper box rests at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell in the historic district of Savannah, Ga. I took the photo in September as I visited the beautiful city on my way to Florida.

The symbolism, of course, is irresistible. I asked a local vagrant what had happened to the newspaper box. His words, mind you, probably are not very reliable.

The man said that after leaving a bar the night before, some town "kids" smashed the window of the news rack, loaded the box with some bricks and shoved it down the stairs.

It's ironic that the suspected perpetrators were young people, part of a demographic that supposedly has turned its back on traditional news media. The greater irony is the extent to which they went in order to publicly embarrass the poor newspaper box.

The kids left the box lying in the gutter, quite forlorn, almost completely forgotten and looking for some way out.

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