Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wet season teaser: raindrops and mammatus

I snapped a few shots of the rain with my macro lens. Above, cumulonimbus clouds are reflected through raindrops on a windshield.

Trying to play catchup on my blog.

We had a few May days here in Central Florida that were a precursor to the wet season.

These photos were taken during a weak storm system that grazed the area on May 27, bringing only a few drops and a few lightning strikes.

The rainfall wasn't even measurable. Definitely not enough to jumpstart the rainy season here.

A stop sign seen through my windshield.

Mammatus clouds formed over the northern Melbourne area. They typically indicate moisture air sinking into dry air. It had been very dry here: an "extreme" drought.

Raindrops on my sunroof looked more like specimens on a microscope slide.

Some mammatus appeared earlier in the day, too. I snapped this shot with my iPhone while taking a run.

Finally, we started getting clouds in the atmosphere. Must have moisture available for thunderstorms to form.

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